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This section of the site contains our photographs of natural landscapes of the world, including geological formations, relief forms, natural water bodies and vegetation types, as well as some plants and animals, typical to different native zones and geographical regions.

This page contains the list of images of the Middle Volga (Taiga zone) nature: natural landscapes, vegetation types and some plants.
Clicking on the preview in the list below you will be transferred to the page with the full sized image
(each photo has a semantic geographical or biological captions, explaining illustrated objects).


Russia - Europe

Middle Volga
(Taiga zone)

Kerzhenec river in the mean water (middle current)
Kerzhenec river in the early morning. Old bridge ruins
Waterlogged bank of the former river-bed. Ash-grey willow (Salix cinerea) forest
Butterbur (Petasites spurius) community on the sandy spit
Waterlogged former river-bed. Sedge (Carex acuta) and Bog arum (Calla palustris) community
Willow (Salix acutifolia) forest with pine undergrouth on the Kerzhenec river bank
Willow (Salix acutifolia) forest with pine undergrouth on the Kerzhenec river bank
Willow (Salix acutifolia) forest on the Kerzhenec river bank
Sedge-Sphagnum-Сotton-grassed peatbog at the lake shore
Sedge-Sphagnum peatbog
Sphagnum-Сotton-grassed up-hill bog
Calamagrostis-lichen grounds on the former village site after 30 years ago (from 1972) fire
Sphagnum-Horse-tailed spruce forest on the watershed
Bilberry-Green mossed community in the spruce forest on the watershed
Spruce forest after the forest fire
Young lichen pine forest on the forest fire (from 1972) site
Middle age lichen pine forest on the dry (strongly drained) sand-dune
Lichen pine forest on the dry (strongly drained) sand-dune
Lichen-Green-mossed pine forest on the normally drained sand-dune
Calamagrostis-lichen pine forest on the dry (strongly drained) sand-dune
Sedge-Sphagnum pine forest on the waterlogged (insufficiently drained) hollow
Sphagnum-chamaephytes (Labrador Tea + Cassiope + Leatherleaf) pine forest (forest bog)
Sphagnum-Сotton-grassed pine forest (forest bog)
Green-mossed pine forest in the waterlogged (insufficiently drained) hollow
Calamagrostis-Sedged pine forest with the spruce undergrouth on the first river terrace
Bent-Sedged pine forest on the first river terrace
Birch forest on the watershed hill
Sphagnum-Сotton-grassed birch forest bog in the waterlogged hollow
Young aspen (Populus tremula) grassed forest in the river flood-lands
Common alder (Alnus glutinosa) grassed forest in the river flood-land

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Except these photograps you can find a lot of images of other geographical regions natural landscapes:
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Former USSR States: Georgia (Central Caucasus Mountains), Northern Tien-Shan: Issyk-Kul Lake and Zailiysky Alatau, Western Tien-Shan Mountains (Kirgizstan), Tadjikstan (Pamir Mountains);
Europe: Norway, Finland, UK: England and Scotland, UK: Wales, France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus;
Asia: Turkey, Middle East (Syria, Lebanon and Israel), North-East of China (Peking), Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali Island);
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South America: Venezuela (Orinoco River and Guiana Highlands), Central Andes and Amazonian Lowland (Peru), Precordillera (Argentina), Brazilian Highlands (Brazilian Plateau), Patagonia (Argentina), Land of Fire (Tierra del Fuego) Archipelago;
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Australia and New Zealand: North Australia (Darwin), Australia Northern Territory, South-Eastern Australia (Sydney, New South Wales), South Australia (Melburn, Victoria), New Zealand: North Island, New Zealand: South Island;
Antarctic: Antarctic Peninsula.


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